Art by Alexandra Anderson Bower

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  • Dandy Having a Snack I

    "After being inspired by Under the Mimo Tree, I just had to create a Dandy piece. The symmetrical Gerbera daisies and solid stems that Dandy was constantly munching on practically begged to be included. The color scheme may be a bit unconventional compared to my usual work, but I couldn't resist."

    Dandy Having a Snack 
  • Louis XIV at the Electric Fountain Bevelled Framed Fine Art Print

    "Although I always had a painting or two in progress, the Louis XIV of Beverly Hills book was when I started thinking of sharing my art with the world. Here we see Louis doing his daily promenade past the iconic Electric Fountain"

    Louis XIV at the Electric Fountain 
  • Ame in Rogasa Air Bowl with Baccarat Butterflies

    Alexandra took voice lessons after school and her singing teacher always had a crystal candy dish with fancy mix hard candies. She loved her teacher so much because she was extremely glamorous and would describe how she and her husband chose each piece of jewelry that he would gift her for anniversaries.

    Ame in Rogasa Air Bowl with Baccarat Butterflies