If you'd like to collect artwork from Alexandra, or if you are a brand or artist wishing to work out a concept with her, this is the page. Alexandra is excited to talk with you about your dream work of art, and wants you to know that you do not need to have a degree in art to commission art, only an idea and a desire. Alexandra has created very complex themes for collectors, but also happily fulfills simple requests such as "please make more junebugs".

Here are some basic FAQ's:

  • Send us a note with the basic details of what you wish. If this is a gift, consider having Alexandra quote the price and create a gift card for you.
  • Emails exchange with Alexandra et al. to agree on the elements and size of the piece. 
  • You receive detailed invoice to commence work on the piece with payment instructions (some projects require deposit, some do not)
  • The price of the piece is typically calculated by size in square inches x $4.00 (plain background), or x $5 (with custom stencil background) and the scope of the piece. 
  • Alexandra begins work on your artwork, keeping you updated on progress as agreed upon in emails. 
  • During this time you will not see the piece unless Alexandra has a specific question about the elements 
  • Once your art is complete, you're notified and we make arrangements for delivery and payment for delivery

You may enjoy reading a story about a the commissioning of the piece above, which was based on the concept of the Tree of Life and a romantic poem. I very much appreciate the collector's permission to share this with you.