Collection: Indigenous Ephemera - Original Art on Canvas

"The Indigenous Ephemera collection began because I challenged myself to create a unique piece of art honoring the live oak trees of my childhood. I mused over this while looking at many paintings of entire trees, and I really didn't think I had anything better to say than these artists already had. I then focused on the leaves. Leaves are like fingerprints in that no two are alike, so I wanted to capture that by embossing live leaves with a  a long process of capturing a leaf in color and preserving the image so it may be decoupaged to the canvas. Once I had a selection of subjects, I began to play with the leaves, creating patterns, taking license with color, and then finally adding flowers, bugs, birds, and other ephemera that crossed my path while on walks in the bay and  Beverly Hills. Leaves from the genesis of Indigenous Ephemera were used to create Southern Batik in addition to being the first set of curated fine art prints I have ever released." ~Alexandra Anderson Bower