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Ratatoskr Family Home

Ratatoskr Family Home

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"We spent the pandemic at our home in the Bay, and the re-introduction to having critters EVERYWHERE was really noisy.  My dear husband frequently had to stop what he was doing at his (by then) work desk to come see what I was screaming about. If you were following my Instagram feed back then, I posted a parade of preternaturally large beetles, cicadas, and snakes that we'd find on our day trips to find art and photography inspiration. Around the same time that I was developing Yggdrasil Asp, a  commissioned piece by a fellow Millsaps College alum, I learned that the squirrel was considered a type of herald in mythic times. Almost  as if on cue, a flying squirrel appeared on my porch and created chaos, then disappeared. I'm not sure what his message was, but I was hoping that he made it home to his babies" 


Modern Decoupage on Canvas - hand drawn, and painted cotton paper on canvas
38" x 38" x 1.5"

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