Meet Alexandra

My work is inspired and primarily influenced by my childhood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and my perception of beauty from what I saw on television. I was raised fishing and crabbing on a bayou and spent long days sailing and swimming on the beach at the yacht club. I was thrilled at being able to go to the iconically deco/atomic age Broadwater Beach Hotel along with our frequent day trips to New Orleans. These directly informed my artistic/decorative style and perceptions of luxury and glamour.  Living in a city that I grew up watching on television, I now not only see through the eyes of that child but also with the education and experience of twenty years of interior design plus a decade of writing about it.

 My original art is born from memories or visual experiences that inspired me to honor them. I have developed a technique I call "Modern Decoupage" which combines all my skill sets - drawing, cutting, decoupaging and finally painting cotton paper on canvas. I put all the love and detail  into these works and am always thrilled to create an original or bespoke piece by commission. 

When I began my career as an interior designer, it was a very far off dream to be able to create custom designed products. Through technology I am so thrilled to be able to take my original work and my workshops produce a wonderful gift or home decor item that anyone can collect. Nothing would make me happier than to be part of your day with art. 

I happily divide my time between Beverly Hills and  Bay Saint Louis,  which are aka “the ‘hood” and “the Bay”. All my art is inspired by my surroundings in these wonderful places. 

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