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Magnolia Junebug I

Magnolia Junebug I

Magnolia Junebug I

"Twice in my life I've been standing outside and a junebug flew up and landed on my finger. I would think it was a regional thing, but once was on the top deck of the grocery store parking garage in West Hollywood, and the other was in Gulfport, Mississippi, during a summer fish fry. I've always loved this bug and considered it the 'royalty' of bugs because of its gorgeous vermeil looking shell" ~Alexandra

This piece is now in a private collection, but if you'd like a bespoke piece with junebugs, just click here to see how that's done.

Modern decoupage - hand drawn, cut and painted paper on canvas board
11 x 14 in

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Did you know?

Collectors can commission a piece of art on canvas, then Alexandra can create custom home decor and gifts with the image