Original Fine Art on Canvas by Alexandra Anderson Bower

Alexandra's current works are divided into collections, the largest being Indigenous Ephemera. She has a constant stream of multiple pieces in production from each collection in both locations, with the larger pieces completed in Bay Saint Louis. All pieces are of the Modern Decoupage technique employing hand drawn, cut and painted cotton paper on canvas. All collections are ongoing
  • Indigenous Ephemera - conceived in her quest to replicate the magical flora and fauna of her childhood, using a special leaf embossing technique that gives each piece an organic anchor.
  • Neoclassique - paintings with motifs from neoclassical design and art, envisioned with modern color and forms.
  • Les Chiens (the Dogs) - include paintings of Alexandra's beloved Boston Terrier Louis XIV and her Pug Luigi Mops Valentin Richard, aka Weeji in Beverly Hills, Mississippi and Versailles (Les Chiens may sometimes be part of the Neoclassique Collection 
  • The Four C's - paintings that play with images of Crystal, Cannabis, Cocktails, and Candy, utilizing muses that include Baccarat, Swarovski, Lalique, sour balls, ribbon candy, twirly pops, lemon drops, and teeny tiny weed leaves.
  • Petite Originals - pieces smaller than 12" x 12", works from all collections
  • Commissions and Collaborations - Alexandra welcomes any and all inquiries to create custom / bespoke artworks and