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Acanthus on Aubergine

Acanthus on Aubergine

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"The first acanthus leaf pieces I’ve ever done. I’ve noticed the plants on my walks for years but only recently used a plant identifier to figure out the name, and I couldn’t believe it! The acanthus is such a steadfastly “good” ornament in art and interiors but I never thought about the actual plant, which, as it turns out, is indigenous here in California. The universe was telling me I’m destined to make art with the acanthus, so I did not argue. I took a little bit of license with the color of the blossoms, though." 

This piece is now in a private collection, but please contact us to find out about having Alexandra create one just for you.

Modern Decoupage - hand drawn, cut and painted cotton paper on canvas
8" x 8" x 1.5"
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