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Cannabis Field I

Cannabis Field I

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This is the origin piece of an ongoing collection called The Four C's. It was conceived to announce her approval and appreciation of her native state's legalization of marijuana. 

As a supporter of taking risks, I've always been an advocate for the legalization of cannabis. With the growing knowledge of the dangers of opiates, I am excited that Mississippi is giving cannabis a chance. I strongly believe in further research to bring real science to the many anecdotal theories surrounding cannabis. Having resided in cannabis-friendly Beverly Hills for two decades, I can attest that art is thriving in dispensaries throughout LA. I am eager to bring this creative energy to Mississippi by incorporating the cannabis leaf into my artwork. This first piece is just the beginning - I would be thrilled to create commissioned pieces for art collectors and assist license holders with their branding. Message me to learn more about this exciting venture.

Cannabis leaves on a green field

Modern decoupage - Hand drawn, cut and painted paper on canvas
Mixed media
Size: 20 x 20 x 1.5 in

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