Collection: Handbags

"After living mere blocks from Rodeo Drive all these years in a city full of creatives, I've had a unique exposure to fashion brands. I also have had the benefit of many close friends in varying businesses of design, all in pursuit of luxury, beauty, and the right price.

I shop all over town, from the wholesale fashion and upholstery districts to the Flower Mart, so I know what things look like and cost on the high and low end. I DO know plenty of real Beverly Hills housewives (actual real ones, not like you see on TV!), and one thing we have in common: we have levels of how we want our trends. Sometimes it's worth the spend, sometimes you want the look without the brand name and attached price. With this in mind, I am offering as many options of leather and vegan options in my handbag collections. Priced from $25 to $500, there will be a little piece of my art adding to your look." ~Alexandra